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I have a background in senior leadership and have won a number of awards for business performance made possible through vision, innovation and good practice. As a leader, I used my instinct to introduce practices that enhanced transparency, accountability and shared learning. My focus was to bring my team’s strength to the fore, maximise our potential and create a business that ran as well without me as it did when I was onsite.

I left my corporate role without knowing what I was going to do next but I couldn’t ignore the feeling that there was something about how we work together that I wanted to develop. I spent five years networking, researching and collating my experiences in business. I became certified in Holacracy and consciousness coaching, two models that support both personal development and organisational change. These models are useful tools that I still reference today but my work took on a broader context. After a further 18 months of deep reflection and self-discovery I focused on writing, creating and speaking about the leading edge of human evolution.

As an executive coach and team mentor I specialise in the practice of self-management, creative and spiritual development and self-awareness as a competitive advantage. I'm based in Wimbledon, South West London and work virtually with people around the world.


Sally has a unique combination of talents perfectly suited to guiding leaders and teams. We have learned that the benefits of organisational self-management come along with an unexpected new opportunity: to improve one's self. I accepted the invitation to a more conscious form of leadership to prepare for what's next for me, while experiencing Sally's human insight and subtly powerful interventions unleash the hidden powers of our amazing team.

Mark Kuznicki
Purpose Driven Strategist, Advisor and Facilitator

I've had a number of different coaches over the years. Sally stands apart. Her approach makes you look at all aspects of your life to help you achieve your goals with ease. And I've chosen 'ease' carefully, because things that I had previously battled against, I now don't because I have simple ways to avoid them all together. It's meant I've seen a step change in both my work and home lives.

David Willans
CMO at Anmut and Founder of Being Dads

Whilst embarking on a journey of evolving from a hierarchical organisation to a self-managing one, we needed help and expertise and were lucky enough to find Sally. Sally’s understanding of self-management combined with her coaching capability meant that she could help us far more than we initially imagined. The self-management sessions she delivered for us, both remotely and in person, were inspirational, effective and energising! As a coach, Sally is amazing, instantly creating a safe, calm space from which to work from. I would recommend Sally to anyone in both a coaching capacity and for any organisations looking to create a self-management culture.

Chris Jones
Operations Director at Quanta Training Ltd

Sally has been an excellent guide and coach for us at Future Considerations. Sally has proved to have a practical and pragmatic view and got her head around our somewhat different organisation very quickly, meaning that her recommendations are apposite and sympathetic to our needs. Sally's understanding of organisations wanting to organise in an alternative way is impressive and I commend her as someone who could guide other SME's to find their way in this brave new world.

Julia Fell
Consultant at Future Considerations

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