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What's Your Self-Management Vision?

I offer a 4-part, bespoke exploration of your company culture, leadership and structure that can be run either virtually or face to face. During this exploration we'll look at:

~ Your business structure
~ The prominence of your purpose
~ The outcomes you're heading towards
~ Any limiting factors you're facing
~ What new tools and practices you might benefit from

"Sally's clarity of communication and flexible approach made this an enjoyable and transformative experience."

Bespoke Packages Of Support

I work collaboratively alongside you as a trusted partner, creating a package of support that will suit your resources and needs. 


I offer one to one or group coaching to bring a fresh perspective to how you work together. Insightful questions and examples of lived experiences will create depth of understanding and real and effective change where you need it.


Tap into my 15 years of experience, leading beyond hierarchy to get consulting support and advice on the areas of your business that you'd like to update. What are the challenges you are facing? Let's find ways to resolve them effectively.


Let me facilitate your team in real life meetings and discover the true realities of your business. I'll teach your people how to continue these practices, creating better working dynamics and unblocking the areas that are limiting your progress. 

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Let's talk through your business needs...

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