Welcome to the leading edge of human evolution.


The nature of business and leadership is changing.

I'm Sally McCutchion and I'm an executive coach, team mentor and thought leader working with the leading edge of human evolution. The leading edge is a place where we follow the shifting energy of the world, acknowledging the aspects of business and leadership that no longer serve us and create a new path forward. 

In a rapidly changing world, the competitive advantage of the future will be realised by how well we know ourselves and how well we are able to connect with others. As the capacity of technology develops, our leading edge will be determined by our ability to communicate authentically, how we deal with diversity of thought and our aptitude to connect with what is true in each moment. The kind of businesses practices that worked in the past are evolving and a new equilibrium is emerging.


Create the future.

There are five themes of the leading edge that support the emerging future.

See things differently.

I work with business owners, leaders and teams at the leading edge.

Share our strengths

I offer community days to support those who are not in the corporate sector.



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