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With my natural business acumen, intuition and commitment to both my own learning and my client’s best interests, I’ve become a leading expert in new ways of working.


My approach combines my own experience as a leader, a deep respect for the existing culture and processes within a business and a nuanced ability to engage all levels of a team.


The principles of Self-Management, Holacracy and Teal have much to offer but flat organisations don’t exist in reality. 


I combine the best of these methodologies whilst also supporting effective leadership, which is a cornerstone of how we work together.

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Client Services

I support growing, purpose-driven business to lead beyond hierarchy and become regenerative.

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Your Role

Your leadership is everything. It sets the tone, creates the dynamics and drives the results. You are the source of your company culture and the key to a thriving business.


Your Company Structure

Using circles to move away from the traditional hierarchy and defining your portfolio of job roles. This includes clarity around each role's purpose and accountabilities. It's important to understand who's doing what and why.

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Your Meetings

Looking at your meetings to make sure you only have them when you need them and when you do they're really productive. Nobody likes a meeting for meetings' sake.

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Your Vision

Understanding why your business exists, what makes it tick and how to articulate its purpose and mission. When you get this right, it's like rocket fuel for your business.

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Your Power Balance

Figuring out who has the power to change things when change is needed. There are a couple of different ways you can do this, the most important thing is that it's done consciously.

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Your People

When your people are connected, your company thrives. Creating space for your people to learn, grow and succeed in their roles and in their lives.

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Sally's human insight and subtly powerful interventions unleashed the hidden powers of our amazing team.

Mark Kuznicki
The Moment


I recommend Sally to any organisation that wants to rethink how we plan work, organise ourselves and communicate for a future that demands responsiveness.

Nicola Triscott

FACT Liverpool

Leadership Coach

Sally has been an excellent guide and coach for us at Future Considerations.

Julia Fell
Future Considerations

Future Of Work

Sally's guidance has been critical for us and we have managed to avoid a lot of the common pitfalls because of her wealth of experience.

Ian Whiteford

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Reinventing Organisations

Sally is a great business woman who understands both the operational and people side of organisations and is able to combine these to help drive companies forward in the right direction.

Tim Higgins

New Ways Of Working

Sally brough a lightness of touch, authoritative knowledge without dogma, courage and patience to her work with us. We were privileged to work with her.

Jonathan Matthews
The Career Innovation Company


I would recommend Sally for any task related to self-organising, but especially if you are a senior leader wrestling with how to make it work for you and in your organisation.

James Bolle


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