I discovered Holacracy in June 2014 whilst researching self-management and humanness at work. Having implemented self-management techniques that led to £0.5m profit increase in 18 months, I recognised huge potential in this way of working and I became committed to developing Holacracy-based ideas and processes.

Three reasons to explore Holacracy

1 —

The discipline of the processes allows everyone in the business to be heard when they have something to say that is valuable to the business. Powerful stuff when the need to adapt and respond quickly to the market is getting greater and greater.

2 —

Holacracy provides structure that enables greater freedom in your business. The reality for a leader is that your team is empowered to get things done in the best possible way for your business. What a welcome relief.

3 —

Getting really explicit about job roles and functions creates space for us as human beings. This improves engagement and has a positive impact on culture, which is needed to attract a young generation to your business.

There are many more reasons that I think Holacracy and its principles are the future of business, if you’d like to chat, get in touch here.

I started my first business at the age of 5 and my story includes grounded business understanding gained from a successful career in leadership. You can hear more about what makes me tick and why I’m a passionate advocate of self-management here.

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