Hundreds of companies around the world have now adopted Holacracy; come and learn why and experience a radical new way to structure an agile, purpose-driven company.

The programme includes the following:

  • Introduction to Holacracy, what it is and how it’s structured.
  • Simulation of a tactical meeting: how to triage operational issues quickly and reliably.
  • Simulation of a governance meeting: how to evolve the organisation’s structure to better align the work to the company’s purpose.
  • Debriefs, discussion and Q&A to dive into the learning from the simulations.
  • Opportunity for informal networking & discussion.

The purpose of this workshop is to give you an experiential taster of what working with Holacracy looks like.

Who is it for?

  • Organisational decision-makers interested in getting a taste of how Holacracy works.
  • Executives exploring adopting Holacracy for their organisation.
  • Consultants who are interested in the latest methods of self-management.

What people have said:

“Great introduction to a challenging but important concept” “Sally ran an insightful workshop on Holacracy governance meetings which I was lucky enough to attend. She is clearly very knowledgeable about all aspects of this methodology and she expertly led the group through the various nuances as part of a simulation. Not only was Sally's workshop hugely informative and relevant but great fun as well! Keep up the good work!”  "Sally masterfully facilitated a simulation of a Holacracy Governance meeting. She's a great listener, clear, strict and full of energy. I had a lot fun and learned loads. Bravo!"

"Well run and engaging. Made it feel real and usable. Thank you." "Good pace and increased my understanding over and above what I've gained from reading the book. Invaluable." "Great facilitation with a diverse group. Highly valuable use of time. Many thanks!" "Fascinating and thought-provoking. I think this will impact on how I manage and lead teams even in organisations that have not adopted Holacracy principles." “A great seed for new perspectives, potentials and systems for change”

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