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Create the future.


What are the themes of the leading edge?

1. Reworking the construct of power

The truest definition of power is to take responsibility for our own potential and simultaneously create opportunities for others to meet their own potential. Reworking the construct of power in our organisations is the leading edge that will create a new future.


2. Thriving amidst chaos

We are living in a time of extraordinary change and this level of change doesn’t come about without chaos. When it’s not an option to wait until the dust settles to begin creating the future we need to find ways of moving forwards with the resources that we have.


3. Finding the path of least resistance

If every action has an equal opposing action we need to become more conscious of how we utilise our own strengths and integrate our challenges. Understanding the conditions in which we thrive as well as the opposing forces that we create, helps find the path of least resistance when we work together.


4. Progress is non-linear

Constant linear growth is a mathematical impossibility but we often apply this expectation to ourselves. Building structures and practices that can adapt to non-linear progress makes the downtimes less bumpy and uncaps potential.


5. Establishing boundaries

Establishing clearly defined boundaries is a prerequisite for progress. Accountability, autonomy and working relationships can develop and grow when boundaries are understood and nurtured.

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