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A selection of articles, podcasts and all round good stuff with more added every month.

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Flexible Working Is Key For Talent Retention

There has and always will be competition for the best and brightest talent. Flexible working is a must in the modern workplace.

Getting Vulnerable

Should You Do It?

It's the space we create for listening, exploration and connection that brings greater balance within our work culture.

The Evolution Of Trust


If you value trust within organisations and you enjoy maths, this game is your perfect fix.

Finding Purpose

In Your Business

Talking all things purpose, why meaning is key and how to find a balance between making money and making meaning.

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Feminine Power Is Not
All About Women

Like most people, I care pretty deeply about us working together to overcome inequality but my view on this subject is not exclusive to our sex or gender.

The Conflation Of
Leadership And Power 

...And what we need to do to untangle them! Knowledge is a more valuable currency than control these days so we need a new definition of power to support true leadership.

The Case For
Transparent Salaries


Alex Kjerulf pitches a compelling case for why transparent salaries are good for your people as well as great for your business.

Worth watching with a notepad handy!

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The Illusion Of Money


Peter Koenig talks about how our relationship with money might dominate us in more ways than we realise. If you want to think deeply about money, this episode is for you.

Redefining Compensation

Case Study

Part of the culture at Makers Academy is team members setting their own salary. They’ve written an article on how it gets done that summarises their experiences.

The Problem With Financial Incentives

This article was published in 2011 but it still rings true today and I'm not convinced that we've resolved the problem with financial incentives.

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The True Purpose

Of Your Business

In this 5-minute video short, learn a process that will help you articulate the true purpose of your business and truly inspire your workforce.

Inclusion Is the Cornerstone

Of A Beautiful Business

The greatest opportunity your business has is to include the perspective and needs of those who have not yet found a space within your culture.

Toxic Positivity

...And How It Impacts Your Business

Within your business, toxic positivity can prevent the true picture of what’s happening being revealed. This article explains what you can do to address it.

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Too Many Rules & Regulations?

Talking about getting intentional about your legal compliance and infusing it with your values and culture.

Redefining How We Work

This conversation is about the societal expectations of how we work and whether or not those expectations are working.

Role Clarity


Check out a company that has made their role clarity and org structure transparent on the self-management software, Holaspirit.

Org Structure


Here's another set of roles from a company that uses GlassFrog to organise.

Inspiring stuff.

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